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We Outchea: Black Content Creators I’m Digging PT. 1
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I love to scan the Internets to see all the various thing Black content creators are doing. My people are creative and amazing. Since accessibility to certain forms of technology has become, and continues to get, easier. Black creators have … Read More

Give Up the Blanket Linus: My Ode To Twitter
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Twitter Back in the day I’ve been on Twitter for a LONG time now. How long? Well, I was using Twitter when Kim Kardashian’s user name was “Armenian Princess.” Back when she actually talked to us “regular” folks, on Twitter. … Read More

Black Simmers Are Here! Now what?
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If you are not on Twitter, then you probably missed the viral video AJ Plus created about Sims custom content creator, Xmiramira. Mira has made a huge impact in the Sims community with her Melanin Pack series. In a previous … Read More

I Stopped Streaming Because I SUCKED: Analyzing Failure
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Before you start to read this post I highly recommend you checkout Audacious Kay’s latest podcast episode titled, “Sometimes You are Failing Because you Suck.” This gem of an episode motivated me to write this blog post. I stopped streaming … Read More

Sharky Fave: GTA V RP w/ @MissDoitBig

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Watch live video from MissDoitBig on Watch this scene to the 4:50:00 mark. TRUST ME ON THIS! GTA V RP? Yes, fam. GTA V role-play and you have not seen good GTA role-play until you have watched Missy’s Twitch … Read More

Looking Beyond Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Mixer

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Stream culture, as it pertains to video game live-streams, is an interesting culture. When it comes to video games themselves, you have the infamous console wars where folks often argue over which platforms is the best between xbox and playstation. … Read More

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