Where to Find Sims 4 CC for Black Sims

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You downloaded The Sims 4 and have put in some serious hours into the game. Suddenly, you realize your Sims do not reflect you nor do they reflect the communities you are a part of. What are you to do?

Well, thankfully, the Sims community has an outstanding mod and custom content community. These people put hours and hours into creating mods and custom content that reflect various communities. Now, if you hadn’t figured it out already I am Black so this post will be geared towards helping other Black people who play the Sims (Black Simmers) find dope custom content for their Sims.

Black Simblr

Like with most things, once you find a connection point into an industry, community, or group then you are in. You suddenly become exposed to everything you had no clue you were missing out on. Finding custom content for Black Sims is no different. So far, the best entry point in is through Tumblr. A lot of Black Sims 4 cc creators have made Tumblr their home to share their mods, custom content, role-plays, and let’s plays. Once you start to follow a few, then Tumblr’s algorithm will get to work and start suggesting other Black Simblrs you may be interested in following based on your selection.

Some of my fave custom content creators on Tumblr are:




Blvck Life Simz

Gloriana Sims

Savage Sims

Nae Nae pose from Ebonix and Blvck Life Simz Ultimate Cookout Kit
“Your Sims can Nae Nae and drink lean courtesy of Ebonix and Blvck Life Simz Ultimate Cookout Kit


The Black Simmer

The Black Simmer is a forum that was created by Xmiramira for Black Simmers. No, you don’t have to be Black to participate in the forum. However, if you do come in the forum with some racist, ignorant bs then you will catch that ban. On the Black Simmer, Xmiramira has a vault that houses tons of custom content from various Black Simmers. In order to gain access to the vault, you must be an active participant in the forum. After a certain number of posts, within the forum, the vault will be unlocked and you will have access to the custom content within the vault

Now don’t go in there trying to spam your way into the vault. Like actually engage with the community. In the forum people post their let’s plays, RP’s, Sims frustrations, WCIF (where can I find) help and much, much more. The game can feel pretty isolating if you are a part of a marginalized group, the Black Simmer brings you that home you didn’t realize you needed until you got it.


Black Hair for Sims 4

On Youtube, I created a video of the Black hairstyles I found for your Sims 4 sims. In the description box, you can find links to all of the hairstyles in the video. Great starting point for your Sims to get their entire life.


Must Need For Your Black Sims

Ok everyone come in close I am about to tell you a secret. ::whispers:: You need Xmiramira Melanin Pack for your game. You will thank me later and your Sims will thank you because they will be less ashy. Now, Xmiramira Melanin Pack was one of those things I didn’t really realize I needed until Sims 4 Vampire pack. I had the skintone collection before that but it was the update for the Vampire pack that made me realize how rough those base skin tones were for darker Sims. When I clicked on the darkest skin tone and thought I had accidentally picked one of the vampire skin tones. I was shocked, appalled like….

Oh no baby what is you going

Xmiramira Melanin pack comes with 54 rich, melanated, I bathe in coco butter regularly skin tones for your Sims. She also has highlighters and blushes so your Sim can have that Instagram model look going on for them. No, my Sim is not sucking in her cheeks she is contoured to the Gods.


Black Sims 4 CC Downloads (Goodies I’ve Found)

Whenever I get a chance, I share some of the dope Sims 4 cc I find from Black Simmers and Simmers of Color. You can find some of the items here and also you can check out a Twitter thread I created of some of my fave cc. 


Ebonix Couple Dancehall Pose
You too can have your Sim Back Dat Ass up with Ebonix Couple DanceHall Pose Pack


Sims 4 Creators Terms of Use (TOU)

Now there is a lot going on in the cc and mod community you may be unaware of when you are first starting off. It’s too much to get into here. However, I did create a blog post that touches on it a little bit  Cooperation Makes It Happen: How The Sims Can Fix Their Representation Issue

With that being said some mod and custom content creators have placed a terms of use on their work. To be honest, the whole thing is based on an honor system. However, I am a firm believer of respecting creators work. They don’t have to do this and they provide gigabyte, upon gigabyte, upon gigabyte of free stuff that makes the Sims 4 game better. So please respect their TOU. If you can’t do that then don’t download the stuff. There are plenty of cc creators who don’t have a TOU.


Girl, wrap this up already

Ok, ok but before I wrap this up I must say please use caution when downloading cc’ing. Make sure your computer is secured up tight and be careful when navigating those ad links. I know it can get confusing and is very annoying but until EA get’s their stuff together and decides to work with the mod and cc community then this what we have to work with. If you are interested in finding out more about Sims 4 cc and the mod community, then checkout Xmiramira’s cc school playlist. She has tons of information on where to find cc, how to organize it and information on software you can download that will detect faulty cc and duplicates.

Welp, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you around in the Simverse. Do you download cc, what are some of your fave spots to find custom content for Black Sims and Sims of Color?

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